Were you looking for Sarah Levin the actress??? You’ve come to the right place! My home page has just been highjacked by this years Birthday Supplies-Raiser for Ramona Elementary School! 

mash up supplies for sarah 2016 2

It’s that time of year again! During January, my birthday month,  I raise school supplies for two special classrooms at Ramona Elementary School where I volunteer as part of the BookPals literacy program at the SAG-AFTRA Foundation! You can make a real difference by donating school supplies to these underserved kids. Not just because they are tiny geniuses and need the best education possible so they can make this world a better place, but because NO student should be without the tools they need to learn. Click here to view the teacher’s wish list and where to send the supplies they need! Thanks in advance for your generosity. You’ve just made this world a better place. Happy Birthday to me!